The LOGOCENTR’s area is leased by DIXY.

The term of agreement is 10 years.
Andrei Kolesnikov, General Director of Logocentr: «The negotiations for the transaction with DIXY lasted just under one year. And in order for us to reach an agreement we had to come to a complete comprehension of the needs of the potential tenant. So it is all the more pleasant that at the opening ceremony of the distribution centre the company’s truck pulled up and delivered the symbolic first pallet with the orange letter D.”

Marat Magkeev, Vice President for Logistics and Imports, DIXY Group: «The addition of a second distribution centre in the Chelyabinsk region can be attributed to our ambitious plans for developing our chain in the South Urals region. The strategically convenient location with access to key highways will allow us to guarantee our customers an uninterrupted supply of fresh produce as well as other everyday consumer goods.”
The new distribution centre will serve 120 neighbourhood stores in the Chelyabinsk region. The warehouse space will be divided into 7 storage zones, with 14 receiving docks and 23 loading docks working around the clock.
The distribution will begin operating in August and should reach full working capacity toward the end of 2014. By that time the building’s infrastructure will include an auto repair shop and food processing centre. More than 230 employees will ensure the smooth operation of the distribution centre.
Eleonora Bogdanova, Director, Colliers International Russia: «The Chelyabinsk region does not have enough Class A warehouse space which corresponds to the requirements of such companies as DIXY. Logocentr was able to offer the tenant not only a high-quality project but also to adapt it to according to the needs of the retailer — by the time the warehouse is ready for use it will have built-in rooms with special storage conditions, and special automotive service zones are also planned.”

The first phase of Logocentr’s warehouse is put into operation.

The 9-th of April the new Logocentr’s warehouse class A was solemnly opened. The acting governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovskij, mayor of Kopejsk city Vjacheslav Istomin and General Director of Logocentr Andrej Kolesnikov have taken part in the formal ceremony as well as the first renter — food store retail Diksi. The first symbolic pallet with orange letter D on it was unloaded from Diksi’s truck. On the 12000 m2 area the mini-exhibition of warehouse’s equipment and software was organized. The companies Linde, Strojkomplekt, Solvo, ID-Russia, Skladskoj Mir, Holod profit and Meta have shown their exhibits. The top guests showed big interest to the stand of Kopejsk’s technical school. Students of faculty «operation logistics” did excursions around warehouse for the guests.

Tenants of the new Chelyabinsk warehouse class A don’t need be worried about where to find skilled staff for working in the warehouse. A Chelyabinsk’s technical school takes care about it.

The 4-th of March, 2014, Pavol Cepciansky, Project Manager of the «Logocentr ” company visited the technical school which started education in new specialty «Logistic operations” in 2012.

This year 70 graduating students «who know exactly what means inventory control” can start working as supervisors, shift managers and have other jobs corresponded to middle rang management in such warehouse like ours. And the most talented of them can do career as storekeeper. It’s really possible. Getting to know the educating program Pavol Cepciansky who himself works in logistics in Sweden and Slovakia more than 15 years says that the program is pretty ambitious and corresponds to high level of logistics education in the world practice.

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